Arena Infinity is Weapon of Choice in Army of the Dead VR Experience

Arena Infinity is Weapon of Choice in Army of the Dead VR Experience

September 28, 2022

StrikerVR Arena Infinities + street tacos. Name a better duo for fighting the new wave zombie apocalypse! 

Hop in for a joyride in The Sin City Taco Truck – the most robust, dystopian-ready, tactical taco truck you’ve ever seen on the road and fully equipped with the Arena Infinity blaster! The hard (or soft shell) four-wheeler is currently parked in Las Vegas after a year of touring with the immersive VR experience “Viva Las Vengeance” based on Zack Snyder’s hit Netflix movie “Army of the Dead.” Once aboard, you and your squad can gear up in VR headsets and Arena Infinities and embark on a mission to pulverize as many zombie guts as you can – and rescue some survivors along the way. Passengers get to experience the full view of the zombie apocalypse, complete with diseased organ tarnished buildings, the entirety of undead Las Vegas city-goers asking for free flesh samples, and a sweet kitty named Valentine.  

Go head-to-head as you compete against each other and rise from the rank of the sloppy rookie to feeble noob to epic slayer. This exhilarating experience allows six passengers may play at a time with 3 players handling each side of the truck. With the Arena Infinity blaster onboard, each player feels the full recoil effect of zombie-kill shots for an experience unlike any other. 

To reserve your spot and learn more about the zombie killing spree, visit Army of the Dead VR 

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