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With the Mavrik-pro VR Blaster

The Mavrik-Pro VR Blaster

With the StrikerVR Mavrik-Pro players are able to experience VR gaming like never before. Its innovative recoil and haptic technologies unlock incredible force effects that can simulate limitless tools and environments. You need to feel it to believe it.

The Sporting Good for Virtual Reality.

The StrikerVR Mavrik-Pro is designed for developers, game studios, and professionals looking to utilize the most advanced VR peripheral in developing applications and experiences that will usher in the future of VR gaming.

10 Seconds Of Testing StrikerVR’s Gun Recoil System and I’m Sold.

Ben Lang


StrikerVR has come up with a futuristic looking gun... that could usher a new world of Laser Quest.

Kieren McCarthy

An incredibly well-built gun peripheral featuring some impressive kickback and reloading functionality.

Kyle Melnick

VR Scout