Feel the future. July 2022.

The Evolution of Sport

The StrikerVR Mavrik-Pro features dynamic recoil and HD haptic engines paired with active touch technologies. This blaster delivers limitless tools and immersive effects that allow players to achieve sensory critical mass. Join the MetaSports revolution.

Immersive Gameplay

Become completely engaged in the VR world. With the Mavrik, you can experience every tool, every shot, and every environmental factor in an unparalleled tactile manner.

Gaming Tech

Fully loaded with unprecedented gaming technology, the Mavrik-Pro is the most advanced gaming controller ever created. It features:

  • Active Touch technologies, enabling innovative button-free control
  • HD Haptic Engines, producing immersive haptic effects
  • Virtual Recoil & Shock, delivering dynamic force feedback

The Complete Package

*The Mavrik is available as a bundle with system-specific integrated or external tracking modules

Virtual Recoil & Shock

hd haptic engines

Active touch inputs

6 foot USB-C cable

High-Powered GAN charger

Full spectrum LED