A VR Platform for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) provides the infrastructure and technology for delivering immersive virtual reality experiences. These platforms include hardware integration, content management, and tools for businesses as well as a suite of games/experiences. * Integration in process or coming soon


Divr Labs offers state-of-the-art virtual reality experiences that transport users into immersive, interactive adventures, such as exploring prehistoric worlds, engaging in zombie battles, or solving mystical puzzles.


EVA offers a unique blend of competitive esports and virtual reality, providing large-scale VR arenas where players can engage in team-based shooting games with advanced tracking technology and full-body immersion​


Holomia creates high-quality virtual reality solutions that integrate cutting-edge VR technology and immersive storytelling, offering a wide range of applications.


Lightning VR offers a groundbreaking virtual reality platform that combines thrilling, hyper-realistic adventures with multiplayer gameplay, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in dynamic and interactive environments across various global locations​

Limitless VR

Limitless VR by Creative Works is an innovative virtual reality platform that offers scalable, customizable experiences for various venues, featuring a broad range of immersive games and attractions designed to captivate and engage users of all ages​


Metaverse XR offers an advanced virtual reality platform designed for creating and managing immersive, interactive experiences within the burgeoning Metaverse.

Ready Team One

Ready Team One offers an immersive virtual reality platform specializing in team-based combat experiences, where players can collaborate and compete in expansive, interactive environments, leveraging state-of-the-art VR technology to provide unparalleled realism and engagement for users of all ages​.


Spawnpoint is a cutting-edge virtual reality platform that enables multiplayer experiences with highly interactive environments, allowing users to engage in a variety of games and activities, seamlessly blending social interaction and immersive VR technology for a truly captivating experience​.

Synthesis VR

A versatile and robust virtual reality platform Synthesis VR is tailored for location-based entertainment and enterprise solutions, providing comprehensive tools for managing VR arcades, educational programs, and professional training environments with a vast library of immersive content and advanced tracking technology​.


Varonia Systems provides an innovative virtual reality platform designed to enhance location-based experiences with a focus on delivering high-fidelity graphics and interactive environments.

VEX Solutions*

VEX Solutions offers an advanced virtual reality platform that specializes in creating thrilling, location-based VR experiences, including immersive games and attractions designed to deliver high engagement and replayability for entertainment venues.

VR Esports Arena

VR Esport Arena is an exhilarating virtual reality platform that specializes in competitive multiplayer experiences, combining cutting-edge VR technology with large-scale arenas to create immersive and interactive environments ideal for team-based esports and thrilling action games.


Individual integrations where licensing is directly from the game studio/developer. * Integration in process or coming soon

After The Fall: Arcade

After the Fall, developed by Vertigo Games, is a thrilling cooperative VR shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must fight through hordes of mutated creatures using a diverse arsenal of weapons and engaging in intense, team-based gameplay across a frozen, devastated landscape.


Critical Mass is an action-packed virtual reality shooter from Arcadia VR, where players engage in intense, fast-paced combat scenarios, utilizing strategic teamwork and a variety of futuristic weapons to fend off waves of enemies in immersive, dynamic environments​.


Headgun by NeverBored is an innovative VR multiplayer shooter that combines fast-paced action with strategic elements, where players compete in futuristic arenas using unique head-mounted guns, navigating dynamic environments to outsmart and outgun their opponents in exhilarating matches​.


MissionX VR offers an immersive and dynamic multiplayer virtual reality experience where players embark on thrilling missions in various settings, utilizing teamwork and strategy to navigate challenges and accomplish objectives in richly detailed environments.


Overrun, a VR game from Lightning VR, plunges players into a high-stakes battle for survival against relentless waves of enemies, where they must strategically defend their positions and utilize a variety of weapons in an intense, action-packed multiplayer experience set in immersive environments.

Propagation VR*

Propagation VR: Stage 2 by Octopod VR is an intense, survival horror experience where players must navigate through terrifying environments and fend off gruesome enemies, relying on limited resources and quick reflexes to survive the nightmarish onslaught in this highly immersive virtual reality game​.


Recoil, a VR game from Spawnpoint, is a fast-paced, tactical shooter where players must strategically manage their resources and outmaneuver enemies using a variety of futuristic weapons in intense, team-based battles across diverse, immersive environments​.


Swarms by Fishing Cactus is a unique VR game that thrusts players into a futuristic battle arena where they must survive relentless attacks from robotic enemies, employing strategic movement and a variety of high-tech weapons to outlast the swarms in a fast-paced, immersive virtual reality environment​.

Tower Tag

Tower Tag is a competitive VR shooter game where players engage in futuristic, fast-paced battles, utilizing grappling hooks to zip between towers and strategize their moves in dynamic multiplayer arenas, making use of the game's unique blend of mobility and tactical combat​.